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My Short Films

A Sci-fi short film set to be released October 2021.

The Spiritual Machine (2021)

A Sci-fi about the first human testing of integrating human consciousness with super intelligent AI.

Slow Down Hank (2019)

A comedy about a man who sacrifices everything to live in a Mansion.

Breaking through (2017)

Comedy about a family man who gets entangled with a foreign mafia while trying to search for a piñata for his sons birthday party.

This was my second thesis at the Icelandic films school. It still has temp music since I started LA Film School immediately after my graduation. Will get around to finish it one these days.

On the Spectrum (2017)

A story about a boy who’s sent to live in the countryside with his alcoholic yet fun loving father.

Uncontrollable 2017

What would you do?


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